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  • How a credits scheme may look after our aging population

    20 November 2012

    Care4Care is the brainchild of Professor Heinz Wolff. With circular glasses, a ring of curly grey hair and German accent he could be the archetypal mad scientist, and is recognisable to many from appearances on TV shows such as The Great Egg Race. Quite apart from his TV career though Heinz has been a Professor for the last 30 years at Brunel University, working on everything from assisting living for older people to the UK space programme - clearly he is no mad scientist in` reality.

  • Free advice for your cause

    20 November 2012

    Being a social enterprise or a socially driven organisation means building social value into the heart of your business model. But this value proposition is key. Like any business you have to ask if what you are doing is provided by anyone else in the same way.

    If the answer is yes then your product or service is not needed. It doesn’t matter if you are driven, passionate and borderline genius. A good business is a problem solved, and a good social project is much the same, but...