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Asylum seekers/Community/Elderly/Employment/Homelessness/Low income/Rural communities/Social enterprise/Women
The Pantry Partnership

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We hold events that show people how to cook frugally and economically. We support food related causes that support communities to cook efficiently and to maximise their use of typically wasted foods and store cupboard staples. We help them to cook nutritious and enjoyable meals. We see food as the focal point of the community and through our cooking parties and events we bring people together through communal eating thus reducing isolation and helping people to feel included in their own community. We celebrate our love of food, cooking and coming together in everything that we do.


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The Pantry Partnership

The Pantry Partnership

Duration : 1310 days
We are looking to run events in communities to show people how to cook and eat both frugally and nutritiously. Through paid events we aim to raise money to support us carrying out this work in low...

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